Businessweek and Nancy

I recently did an illustration for Businessweek! Crazy, right? Completely unexpected, right? I'm super psyched that I got to do work for them! I was assigned to do a spot illustration to accompany an article on the book The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry. As it turns out, blood-thirsty CEO types have a lot more in common with blood-thirsty Psychopath types! Who'da thought? Anyway, they printed the test in this weeks issue, and my illustration was printed on the test itself! They were a blast to do this piece for, and the art director was super cool to work with! I also did one of my first comics in a while this past week as well! New York artist Josh Bayer recently asked me and a bunch of super rad artists to contribute to an anthology that he's putting together. The basic idea is that he sends us a pile of panels from various Nancy comic strips, we pick two of them, one to put as the first panel of the comic, and one to put as the last panel of the comic, and then we fill in the story in between! It's an awesome idea, and was a load of fun to do! Here's what I did! I have more work on the way that I'll be posting here soon, so check back later!

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