A Poster and A Comic!

Here's a couple of things that I worked on this week! First up is another collaboration between Alex Fine and me for Cannibal Impalement Records' monthly More Gore event at the Sidebar here in Baltimore. This time around they're doing a double feature for the movies Hatchet 1 & 2. Alex Drew the right side of the face and the Gator heads, and I drew the left, the hatchets, and did the text as well. These are being turned into a limited run of 30 screen prints that are going to be sold at the show/online. If you're in the Baltimore area Wednesday! Also this week, I drew a comic for Benn Ray of Atomic Books' Said What? comic strip that's printed each week in Baltimore's B Magazine. Here's what I did! I'm going to be posting some exciting-ass stuff soon! Peel those eyes for more updates!

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